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Canoes are best for those who want to paddle calm and safe, bring children, dogs on a tour or just have almost unlimited packing space for a large picnic or camping. Canoes are large and wide boats, very stable on the lake and perfect for shorter distances. Keep in mind that you are paddling approximately 2 to 4 kilometers per hour.

We have classic Swedish aluminum Lindner canoes as well as some slightly lighter fiberglass canoes. For rentals of canoes self-service applies and we can help to pick-up or launch only in certain cases. Boat house is located just approx. 15m away from the dock. We are happy to help with advice, paddling tips and instructions in the cafe.

Usually 2 people can sit in a canoe, but it is possible to paddle with up to 3 children sitting in the same canoe with 2 adults.

Paddles and life jackets are included in the canoe rental.

In the year 2024, we open canoe rentals for the season on May 9. Welcome!


SEK 100 / hour (+ 30 min. extra for preparations)
SEK 250 / full day
Overnight rental counts as 2 full days

When renting a canoe with overnight stay, you can also rent a tent from us: 3-person dome tent (Husky) for SEK 200/day or 4-person tunnel tent (Helsport) for SEK 350/day. Please write your request in the comment field.

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