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We rent nordic ice skates and all related equipment such as boots, ice-skating backpacks, ice poles, ice crawls, rescue lines, knee pads, helmets and waterproof bags. We use only top quality equipment from Lundhags, Pikmakarn, Alpina and Zandstra for the best comfort, stability and safety on the ice so that even beginners can feel professional and safe. We have sizes of boots from 36 up to 48, as well as children’s skates that can be attached to children’s own boots.

You can rent ice skates for a round or two on our plowed track in Ängsjö when it is available or go out on other lakes and enjoy freedom in nature if you have knowledge and experience on natural ice. Alternatively you are welcome to join our beginner-friendly guided tours.

Basic package (skates + boots + ice crawls)
1 hour SEK 150
3 hours SEK 300
8 hours SEK 450
2 days SEK 800
Every next day SEK 400

Additional equipment
Helmet SEK 30/hour
Knee pads SEK 30/hour
Skating backpack incl. rescue line SEK 75/hour
Ice poles SEK 50/hour

Children’s package (children’s skates + ice crawls + helmet + knee pads)
1 hour SEK 100
3 hours SEK 200
8 hours SEK 300
2 days SEK 500
Every next day SEK 250

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